Chris Heine Trainer in South Burnaby


Chris Heine

Trainer in South Burnaby

What kind of trainer am I?
A Frontier trainer, keeping updated with new fitness and wellness studies and creative outdoor fitness that helps meet your intended goals!

Biggest Achievements?
Summiting Kala Putar at around 5600m in Nepal, beside Everest from Lukla, Completing a century on Unicycle from Surrey-Fleetwood till Harrison in 10 hours raising 2000$ for the children’s hospital. Developing my own Remote Access Restoration Company. Created a suspended campsite 700ft off the ground between two of the peaks on the Squamish Chief.

When did I become a Trainer?
After 5 years of study and research for a kinesiology program I became certified as a trainer for Survivor Bootcamp in 2016. Educated by Infofit and the Douglas-SFU program under ACE.

Why join the class?
Because you want community, results, and a support network for your goals!

What do the classes look like?
They change from week to week. Always new, inventive and responsive to the collective goals of our participants.

What should you bring?
A mat and dumbbells (5lbs+) are standard. We have other “devices” at class.

Other relevant information?
The view is amazing, and the sunrises are phenomenal. You can see SFU mountain all the way unto Cyprus. Numerous wildflowers and wildlife, we saw a spotted owl not long ago and have a large heron nesting ground close by. Our adventure runs often lead to something informative and As I will post online, a free event for friends, family, and anyone thinking about Bootcamp once or twice a month. Be that a bike and brunch, or hiking!



Marlborough Elementary
(outdoors, undercover)
6060 Marlborough Ave
Burnaby, BC

Phone: (604) 992-2670


Classes run for 1 hour from 6:00 am to 7:00 am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Feel free to mix and match times to suit your schedule.

Classes start promptly so please try to arrive 5-10 minutes before class to set up your mat, weights and to get a quick warmup in before class begins.

Survivor Bootcamp South Burnaby Weekly Schedule

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