A middle aged womans guide to fitness success… Part 2

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So the menopause ads have passed. Now it’s time for the Apple Cider Gummies & Keto diet ads. They must be good right? After all J LO takes them…. OMG PLEASE save your money….

1.  FIRST & FOREMOST…. don’t forget about Blog #1…. THE BASICS! This is the pillar of your health journey. Without these in place anything else you do is  waste of time and money. Might as well eat your money.

2. How old are you? Are you active or inactive? Do you have a medical condition? What is your goal?  All of these things will affect your plan of eating so don’t follow a social media page that insists you eat one way. Different strokes for different folks.

3. Ask a Dietitian for advice – Would you ask a plumber how to fix your car? NO. So don’t ask someone who’s not qualified about nutrition. You will get 20 different answers and become confused. Did you know you can call 811 to speak with a dietitian? Talk their  ear off for an hour why not! Or email them here

4. Ok read this carefully – WEIGHT TRAIN!! Muscle is much more active than fat. It burns calories even at rest. This is the KEY to  everything. It will not only rev up your metabolism but also keep your joints in place, prevent bone loss and so much more! PS – only heavy cupcakes make us bulky NOT heavy weights. Wall Squats, Planks, Pushups and Lunges are a GREAT way to strength train! The best time to exercise is…. ANYTIME. Best place? ANYPLACE.

5. Get a free blood test  –  When’s the last time you had a blood test ? Go get one , it’s free! Just call your doctor and they will email you a lab requisition. Easy Peasy, I had one last month. It can tell you things such as your blood sugar level (insulin resistance), Your cholesterol level, iron levels and more! You NEED to know all this stuff before you embark on your plan of eating.  You may have low or  high levels that you don’t even know about! I had low iron, WHO KNEW? Now, I know exactly what to add to my food plan each day.  Knowledge is power!

6. When thinking about a fad diet like Keto, ask yourself….. Why? Just WHY???? Can you do it long term? Is is sustainable? Then   WHY?  Quick weight loss? As long as you are prepared for quick weight gain when you’re done… all good.

* So , after you have all these things in place here, then make your appointment with the Dietitian or Nutritionist and TAKE ACTION! Be sure that it is something you can follow 90% of the time and that it is Sustainable LONG TERM ie: 2 years. Let them know if you are going thru the ‘middle aged changes’ so they can explain hormone levels to you.  Each meal should have an adequate amount of protein to help build those muscles we discussed & a colorful variety of delicious veggies! Stay tuned for BLOG 3 # ….. coming soon!

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