5 keys to fitness success!

Stuck in a Rut? Finding it hard to keep exercise a priority? Remember these 5 key tips to help you stay focused: 

  1. Create a ‘community’ of friends with the same goals as you – The chances of you skipping a workout is much less if you have people to be accountable to! Post things you do on your social media and get even more motivation. (Don’t worry about the haters…)
  2. Have a food and exercise journal – Write down your mini goals each month and track what you are doing and eating. Create new mini goals each month and find a friend to join you! (The sun run, a mini triathlon, grouse grind, 5km run, etc.)
  3.  Meditate and visualize each day for a few minutes – Don’t laugh. The universe has a way of giving you what you attract.  If you’re always negative and finding excuses to procrastinate you will also attract that into your life. The voice in your head needs to be programmed for success.
  4.  Keep runners in your car and workplace – Find a walk/run partner at work and go on your break. (Who cares if get sweaty bring extra deodorant, wipes and dry shampoo.  Exercise doesn’t need to be a consecutive hour it can be 10 min whenever you can)
  5. Budget your money and join an exercise program you are interested in – Chances of dropping out after you actually paid for something are less. If it’s boring you will lose interest so make sure you actually like it! Set yourself up for success with these tools and let us help you reach your goals!

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