Combat the blue mood!

Combat the blue mood

Rain is here and so are blue moods!  Here are 5 ways to combat that dreading non-energetic feeling!

If you have been waking up feeling a little less vibrant than your usual self, you’re not alone.

A combination of this cold-gloomy weather, dark days, work-stress, slowly disappearing motivation and just the simple fact that its Fall, all conspire to drag down people’s moods. But instead of caving into this sorrow, here are 5 suggestions on how to turn your mood around today and the rest of the year!

Join a fitness group
It’s a proven fact that accountability will help you keep fit. Find a local hike/run group and join! There are plenty on or come and try a free class at any of our 8 location in BC. ‘I regretted’ that workout…. said NO ONE!

Take a Social Break
We can get through anything in life with a good friend in our life. Whether it’s stopping by a co-worker’s desk, at a neighbour’s home, or making a quick phone call to a friend or relative, taking a few minutes out of our day and chat with those who put us in a good mood which can make all the difference in your having a good day.

Make a Hearty Meal to Share
Gloomy days are the perfect excuse to stay in for dinner and cook up a warm yet nutritious meal. Studies have proven that regular servings of whole fruits and vegetables tend to lift the mood. Include colourful fruit and veggies in all your meals.

Take Care of Yourself
There’s no better time of the year than now to take care of you. Whether it’s by meditation, taking a walk, reading motivational quotes, or writing in your journal, today is the day to take the time to do what helps you relax. Download a free motivational quote app on your phone.

Share Positive Thoughts
Whether it’s by Facebooking, tweeting or talking to those around you, share positive quotes or happy pictures which can help to ease the negatives on days like today for you and others.

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