Exercise and the ‘bikini body’

Exercise and the bikini body

We have all seen fitness ads featuring the ‘bikini body’ and why you should exercise to achieve it. Do you agree? We don’t. If you have a body… then guess what… you have a bikini body! You can wear a bikini, a speedo, short shorts or a Borat bathing suit if you want. Why not? Who says you can’t? Exercising to achieve a certain body type is not something that will motivate you long-term. We all come in so many shapes and sizes, why not just be the BEST version of your own self? What does that mean? It means feeling great in the body you have. Being able to get up all those stairs and not be winded, or chase your kid around the park and be able to keep up! It means being in a state of mind that is positive and grateful and getting OUT of self-pity. There is no better sabotage trap than comparing ourselves to others! Focus on yourself and how you can improve your awesomeness, then you can start to think about how to improve your life. At Survivor bootcamp we strive to create a sense of community in our classes. We have all levels of fitness in class including those with pre-existing conditions who we like to call the ‘physio corner’. Our trainers are here to motivate and coach you and get the results you deserve. Don’t believe us? Check out our 5-star google pages and FB reviews! If you haven’t tried a free class yet, get out of your comfort zone and drive over to one of our locations today! We’d love to help you achieve success! 

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