Sleep deprivation and the voice inside your head

Sleep deprivation and the voice inside your head

Sleep is underrated. Without enough sleep, we can’t function properly. Our immune system is lowered, our thinking is clouded and we become irritable and discontent (just ask any new mom). If you are one of the people affected by insomnia or sleep deprivation, how bad are you willing to try and change it? It takes time to form a new habit and the key is to be persistent. Here are some tips that can help:

  1. Exercise. Yes, you expected this one. Vigorous exercise like walking briskly, jogging, cycling, swimming laps, climbing stairs or anything that requires your heart to PUMP! No time? You’re on Facebook right now, aren’t you? You can make time, quit kidding yourself. How bad do you want to change your sleep patterns?
  2. Stop eating 10-12 hours before you wake up. Get up between 5-7am? Stop eating around 7pm. This gives your organs a chance to renew themselves. It’s a natural way of cleansing.
  3. Limit caffeine to 1 coffee only in the morning.
  4. Limit alcohol and sugar or just cut it out for a while… Again… how bad do you want to sleep?
  5. Get your daily dose of fresh air. Go outside on your break even if it’s raining and breathe in that fresh oxygen that we are so blessed to have in this city (and it’s free too what a miracle)
  6. Have a ‘no electronics in your room’ rule. Your brain will associate your bed with your iPhone or TV, so get out of that habit asap.
  7. Try to wake up at the same time each day. It will help to train the brain.
  8. Before bed, tell yourself that right now at 10pm, there is nothing you can do about any ongoing problems at home or work. At this time all you can do is sleep. Good night voice in my head. Just keep doing it every night.

If your body is tired enough, it will sleep. If you have sincerely tried all these and still can’t sleep, see your family doctor and find out what else might be going on. Happy snoring!!  P.S. Come and try one of our bootcamp classes and we guarantee you will PASS OUT afterwards HA!

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