Weight Training…. Why you NEED to do it!

Weight Training Why You Need It

Weight Training…. Why you NEED to do it!

Like Sands thru the hourglass… so are the days of our lives! If you remember this line… then you need to strength train! Over time, our muscles lose mass and function. When you get over 40 that speeds up even more and if you’re lucky enough to reach 75… you can avoid this condition called ‘sarcopenia’ which is a major cause of disability in the elderly. You don’t need fancy equipment, weights or anything at all to get started. Just use your own body weight in your home! So turn on the TV, find Family Feud and let’s get started. Here are some exercises you can do twice a week:

Pushups on the floor or the wall – Hold the Plank – Wall Squat – Stationary Lunges – Tricep Dips – Side Planks – Side Leg Circles

Remember that in the long run, your health is your wealth. All the money and success in the world doesn’t do you much good if your health is suffering from something you could have prevented. Start today and you can thank me later. Have a nice day everyone!

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