Weight Training…. Why you NEED to do it!

Woman lifting a dumbbell weight for exercise

The answer to your questions about ‘aging’ is… WEIGHT TRAIN!  Over time, our muscles lose mass and function. When you get over 40 that speeds up even more and if you’re lucky enough to reach 75… you can avoid this condition called ‘sarcopenia’ which is a major cause of disability in the elderly.  You don’t need fancy equipment, weights or anything at all to get started. Just use your own body weight in your home! So turn on the Netflix and get started. Here are some exercises you can do twice a week:

Pushups on the floor or the wall – Hold the Plank – Wall Squat – Stationary Lunges – Tricep Dips – Side Planks – Side Leg Circles

Not only does weight training help sculpt your muscles, it also  keep the digestive system and metabolism operating as efficiently as possible. So if you think your ‘metabolism is sluggish’, you need to weight train in order to build muscle, so you can burn more calories at rest. Make sense? That’s how you speed it up. It’s basically the answer the EVERYTHING! So get moving and build that muscle!  Remember…. HEALTH IS WEALTH!!!

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