Staying Fit is more important than ever right now!

Work burnout and Halloween candy

As a result of the pandemic, many people are experiencing physical isolation, more care demands, working at home challenges, more time seated and in front of the screen, increased stress, extreme exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed.  When all this builds up, people start to feel ‘burnt out’ . If you notice more irritability and less self care in general ( ie too much eating… drinking, snapping at people) then this may be happening to you. It’s time to take CONTROL of your life!

Many of these things may be out of your control, especially the work stuff. You must ask yourself, what can you do to keep your spirits up?  Considering the fact that this pandemic may be here for a while, you must integrate some coping strategies to help you deal with things.

Some things you CAN do to control your life are to take breaks. Alternate seated/standing postitions while working and do some stretching in between. Schedule a few 10 minute walks outdoors. If you are still commuting, call a friend and ‘chat’ about things going on during your commute or listen to an uplifting podcast.  Create a buddy system at work to check in with one another, turn on some fun music or the karaoke channel (my fave), LAUGH! A good hearty belly laugh, what makes you laugh (besides me) ? What gives you joy? What do you love to do? If all else fails, get a 1000 piece puzzle at night to replace the alcohol. Your mind NEEDS to be distracted. (Don’t be ashamed to take advantage of all the free 12 step help programs out there they are wonderful.. this ‘wine-mom’ thing is NOT ok)

Lastly, don’t forget to exercise! You MUST combat and challenge that voice inside your head. Exercise doesn’t get rid of any problems but it can change your outlook completely. The hardest part is getting past the voice and getting to class or outside. It’s never been easier to roll out of bed and turn on the Zoom. You must step up your self care right now because your health is your wealth! OK, CAPICHE?Stop waiting for this and that and just do it. See you next week for fun and lots of belly laughs!


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