Survivor Bootcamp is a fitness company whose main goal is to help you get fit, reach your goals, improve your health and get you the results you want! Our bootcamps run all year, rain or shine in Vancouver, Burnaby & New Westminster. Please feel free to join in anytime you like!  It doesn’t have to be on a certain day. Our classes are for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life and get results. Age and athletic ability do not matter. Our programs are designed to be fun and challenging and to push you to YOUR next level. Experience it for yourself…


What do I need to bring to class?

Two Dumbbell Weights


5 lbs+ for women and 8 lbs+ for men is a good starting point for most. Read about the principle of progressive overload.

Yellow Water Bottle


If you’re not hydrated, your body can’t perform at its highest level. If you cramp, add a little Gatorade to your water, but not too much that stuff is full of sugar and calories.

Neon Green Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

The thicker, the better! A little cushion helps provide extra insulation during the colder months.

Yellow Running Shoes


We recommend a cross-training or running shoe with good “shocks”. Read our shoe recommendations.

Survivor Bootcamp Tshirt and Shorts

Workout Clothes

Our bootcamps run every 4 weeks all year, rain or shine, so dress appropriately. Read our summer and winter tips.

Google Reviews

Megan AtkinsonMegan Atkinson
19:37 25 Mar 23
Daniela's workouts are tough! But accessible for everyone no matter what level you are starting at. She got me out of a covid fitness funk. The more I go to her classes, the more I want to go. She is hilarious and gets me laughing even at 6am on a Monday morning. I appreciate her singing. Yes singing. At 6am.
Robin PugaRobin Puga
00:48 20 Oct 22
Some times you find what you're looking for. Daniela is an awesome motivator and keeps it fun and challenging. It's also great to work out with friendly folks your own age. Highly recommend.
David MortonDavid Morton
00:10 20 Sep 22
Daniela is incredible! She brings relentless energy and cheer every single morning for bootcamp. Her classes are fun and energizing, and I always leave feeling so much better than when I arrived. And my fitness has improved dramatically. Her classes are structured to accommodate all fitness levels, which allowed me to challenge myself from Day 1 right to today (day 1,000?) And her support knows no bounds. When she noticed I needed new workout shoes, she took it upon herself to find a sale on great shoes and email me to let me know. That demonstrates the degree to which Daniela will go above-and-beyond for her clients. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to improve their physical and/or emotional resilience.
Leslie CalderLeslie Calder
03:18 17 Sep 22
I have been able to regain my fitness thanks to Daniela. Her fantastically unique combination of humor, entertainment, and always changing and challenging workouts is addictive.
Kim HoodKim Hood
17:35 14 Sep 15
Survivor Boot Camp is the best boot camp I have ever taken part in. The hours work with my schedule and Daniela is an amazing trainer. She creates a great atmosphere but takes your fitness and health seriously. I come home from every session knowing I've had a great workout and then I can get on with my day. She allows flexibility in your session times if you need it which is awesome when your schedule goes sideways. If you want fun as well as a great workout, this is where you need to be.

Three locations across the lower mainland

Our bootcamps run all year, rain or shine, at three different locations in the lower mainland in British Columbia.