Work burnout…. are you suffering from it?

Sleep deprivation and the voice inside your head


Feeling burnt out at work during this pandemic?  This is happening  to many people right now and there are simple ways to tell if it’s happening to you! They are:

  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Not finding joy in things you used to enjoy
  • Feeling irritable and snappy
  • Reduced ability to concentrate
  • Pessimism
  • Feelings of being overwhelmed
  • Insomnia The Pandemic ’15’ weight gain
  • Sore back or tightness in the shoulders/neck

These are just some of the signs that you may be experiencing some kind of burn out. Your body is sending you signs, so take them seriously. YOU hold the key to prevention!

Here are some things you can do to prevent this burn out:

  • Don’t say ‘YES’ all the time! Start saying ‘No’ and setting some boundaries in your life. A ‘Yes person’ will burnout so much faster than someone who says No sometimes. It’s ok you know, the world won’t fall apart! Delegate those pesky tasks.
  • Play. Do something you enjoy. Don’t know what you enjoy? What did you enjoy when you were 10 years old? What did you want to do with your life? That is what you have probably forgotten about. Think about it.
  • Limit your Social Media time. It is ADDICTIVE (not your fault especially right now) and we can begin to ‘compare’ to others and become jealous. Take a break and limit it. Be mindful of what you read and of what you post. Unfollow those who make you feel crappy about yourself.
  • Get your full 8 hours of sleep. Did you know 100 years ago the average sleep time was 9.5 hours? If you can… NAP and recharge that battery! (Yes I do it every day. I am a total Grandma LOL)
  • Talk with people. Schedule face-to-face time. You will release some wonderful endorphins and get out of yourself and the ‘me me me ‘ trap. Self pity is the way downhill fast.
  • Don’t skip breakfast! EAT! And stop eating 12 hours before you eat breakfast. So if you get up and eat at 7am, your cutoff time should be 7pm. Give those poor organs a chance to fast and renew themselves. You don’t need to buy a  ‘cleanse’ just do this each night and your organs will cleanse themselves. Some great tips from the Canada food guide HERE 
  • Limit Caffeine and stay away from sweets! You will get a ‘sugar high’ followed by a horrible low. Sucks to be an adult, I know! Same rule applies for alcohol. Problem eating/drinking are very high right now so don’t shrug your shoulders.
  • EXERCISE! If you are not exercising, start now. 30 min a day at least. Walk, bike, run, gym… WHATEVER just go for goodness sakes!
  •  Yes you’re right, you only live once you should do what you enjoy. But if it means being out of breath, feeling depressed and not being able to reach over to tie your shoes properly then maybe it’s time to rethink that. Is it working for you?
  •  Utilize the Free or inexpensive services in BC if you need help. There is low-cost counselling as well as Dial a Dietitian 

Remember, you are not alone! Schedule in some breaks, do things you enjoy and just say NO sometimes. Take care of yourself and ask for help! It’s ok to need help and reach out. Oh and in the meantime… DO SOME BURPEES!!!!  See you on ZOOM! 

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